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Add advanced features & formatting to your tables


Pull in, format, and display external data


Create and customize tables in an intuitive editor




  • Table Plus宏-向表中添加编号和总计、CSS样式和更高级的函数
    • 附件表宏-基于页面、空间、标签等创建附件表
    • CSV Table&JSON Table宏-从页面、附件或URL导入、格式化和显示CSV和JSON数据
  • 允许导出Confluence表
  • 在用户友好的宏编辑器中自定义表
  • 使用本机图表宏更好地可视化数据

adding tables to you Coughlin's page can be incredibly helpful but what if you want to go beyond the basics like Auto summing your columns exporting your table data or customizing the look and feel that's why we created advanced tables for confluence one of the top-selling add-ons on the atlantean marketplace to give you more control so you can bring your data to life and wow your audience with this helpful add-on you can easily personalize your data formatting for each column automatically sum or average important data sets define a default sort order or add customized row highlighting using our flexible table plus macro you also add detailed CSS styling to any of your rows and columns presenting your data as creatively as you'd like you can also easily export your compost tables at CSV files with a single click with our powerful CSV and JSON macros you can even import your external data and generate informative tables on the fly with the same beautiful formatting and with our attachment table macro you can now organize all of your confluence attachments from any location into simple tables with informative metadata and dynamic image thumbnails with this helpful macro now you can always find the attachment you're looking for with four powerful macros and the unlimited opportunity for customization this top-selling addon enables you to display information that matters with formatting that flatters download a free trial of advanced tables for confluence today on the atlantean marketplace another helpful add-on from Bob Swift