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We provide the gears(brand)addons to enhance the functions of JIRA / confluence

realize business requirements quickly


enhance the investment value of software products

Gears more permission for confluence

Safely manage the attachments in the space, prohibit copying the page through Ctrl C, and manage more operations on the page

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Gears watermark for confluence

When visitors visit the page, they can see the watermark information with background.

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Gears monitor for confluence

Monitor users behavior of using confluence.About page ,attachment,login and logout

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Gears space group for confluence

The space administrator manages the user groups and personnel of his own space

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Gears dingtalk for confluence

Receive the information of confluence space page creation and update through dingtalk

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Gears wechat for confluence

Receive the information of confluence space page creation and update through wechat

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Gears jira enhancement tools

 Through simple configuration of workflow to meet the constraints of the process and transaction collaboration

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Gears Worklog Restricted

 Restrict users to worklog in issue type every day

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Gears issue export permission

Allow specified user groups and users to export issues

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Gears Lock manager for jira

 Lock and unlock the customfields in the system to avoid modification

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Gears properties manager for jira

 Provide visualization and centralized management of global parameters, define parameters for global reference

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Gears usage statistics

Statistical analysis of user efficiency and configuration efficiency

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Gears User Picker

Provide a new customfield type, which can only be selected from the set user groups and roles

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Gears pusher

Push the administrator's dashboard to the specified user and  quickly help them select the dashboard to work

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Gears desk

Simple personal workbench to view and deal with your own issues

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gears user profile

Allow you to set more personal information and let others know you better by name or avatar

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Gears Click SSO

By simply modify the page URL, you can quickly log in to the plug-in of JIRA / confluence system

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Language Patch for Structure

For the Chinese language package of structure, we can understand structure better and use it quickly

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