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Manage your portfolio of projects in Program Manager

Create new programs/projects

View all your projects displayed in one place

Observe the progress of your programs/projects

Drill down your Work Breakdown Structure

Log time and observe estimates vs. time spent. Use story points, too.

Drag your tasks to reschedule them both in the Gantt chart and in your Jira.

Add dependencies between tasks

Work faster with useful keyboard shortcuts

Manage resources directly in the Gantt charts

Export issues and whole Gantt charts with BigTemplate

Narrow your search with quick filters, text search, or JQL

Customize the view of your Work Breakdown Structure

Aggregate data see the accumulated values, also for the entire portfolio

Guard your project against overallocation (red) and underallocation (green) of individuals and teams

Change your time perspective

Plan both program increments and sprints on the agile board effortlessly

Set objectives/goals on the program increment and iteration levels

Set Planned and Actual Business Values

Mark goals as 'Completed' or 'Failed'

Observe risks on the heatmap. You can configure SAFe's ROAM matrix here.

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