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Gears space group for confluence


It allows the space administrator to manage the user groups created in the space and account in these groups, so can management and reduce the dependence on the system administrator


Add user group in space


Manage users in a space group


View users' space groups and manage them


Allows space administrators to batch add members from a group to a space group


The administrator can decide that this function can be enabled in such a space


  • 系统管理员、Confluence管理员可以在:一般配置-》 用户&安全-》空间组 管理员针对哪些空间启动此功能

  • 只有空间管理员(具体空间管理权限)才能够看到管理菜单,并能够对用户组及组中的用户进行管理

  • 为了区别不同空间中的用户组,在添加组的时候,会在填写的组名前增加空间的键值(KEY)

  • 空间管理员只能管理自己空间创建的用户组

  • 添加的用户组会增加到系统中的内置目录用户组中。

  • 空间中创建的用户组可以被其它空间在权限管理、页面权限中使用(与系统中的组使用无差别)


  • System administrators or confluence administrators can enable this function in  general > Users & Security> space group of management background
  • Only the space administrator (specific space management authority) can see the management menu and manage the users and the users in the group
  • In order to distinguish groups in different spaces, when adding a group, the key value of the space will be added before the group name filled in
  • Space administrators can only manage user groups created by their own spaces
  • The added groups will be added to the built-in Directory in the system.
  • The group created in the space can be used by other spaces in permission management and page permission (no difference from the group in the system)

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